Balance Yoga Institut | Workshop Naomi Absalom 28.-29.08.
Naomi Absalom
28.08. / 29.08.2015
28.08. 19-21h (Masterclass)
29.08. 10-12h & 14-16h (Workshop)

The Art of Yoga:

Workshop 1: Strength & Grace

This workshop is for practitioners looking to advance their understanding of yoga through incredibly elegant and mindful transitions.

This will be a strong yet playful practice sprinkled with core work, arm balances and inversions but our main focus will be the form and quality of intelligent and well controlled movement which leads to such postures. It is in understanding and experiencing all of these moments to their fullest that limiting and learned behaviours and fears are faced and longstanding habitual patterns broken down. Greater form, attentive alignment and strength of mind are the gateway to an advanced practice. When we practice yoga our weak points come to the surface, the mind most often chooses the path of least resistance and draws the body to that point. This workshop will get you to connect physically to the midline, hugging muscle to bone to draw into the central channel of sushumna – the place of grace where energy rises. You will feel stronger in every single way, more energised and inspired.

Workshop 2: Opening the Shoulders and Upper Back
The most beautiful of backbends and creative inversions all start with a basic yet precise understanding of alignment.
Great shoulder alignment and strength are absolutely key to a safe and ultimately playful and experimental practice.

Lack of knowledge in this area can lead to relatively loose joints being forced into damaging positions. Understanding where to position the shoulder and then working on creating strength around the front, back and sides of the joint will help you to support the work of the core and midline and vice versa. The combination of core work and shoulder strengthening is a big game changer in terms of asana practice - too much strength creates contraction, too much flexibility damages the soft tissue - a big dollop of both will work wonders in terms of making your practice lighter and your transitions smoother. Getting diligent about this kind of work in every posture and every transition, will lift you out of the lower back and into the chest, once all of this is in place you can go play - think natarajasana, hollowback, ska pads raja kapotasana and a few others I may have up my sleeve

Be prepared to work hard, learn new transitions, get strong and work into every little corner of your body.


    9 €

    25,- € / 10-er Karte + 9,- €

    45,- € Workshop komplett 25,- € Einzeln

    49,- € Workshop komplett 29 € Einzeln

Naomi Absalom !is a teacher for over 10 years now and a leading light in the UK yoga scene, teaching at London's top yoga studios including Triyoga and Indaba Yoga.

Although in love with playfulness and creativity within movement, she is extremely interested in very good form and alignment, focusing on strong and controlled transitions between the postures so that every moment is experienced and processed as fully as possible.

Her background training in Thai Yoga massage informs the hands on assists and adjustments she offers in class and she now teaches these on teacher training courses in London. She is deeply passionate about the art of teaching yoga as a practice of transformation and leads packed out mentoring sessions for UK teachers so that they may learn their art from a place of authenticity, integrity and apprenticeship.

In 2013 she became a trainer with the global advertising agency ‘Ogilvy’ and travels around the world teaching yoga on their management programmes.

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