So. 06.03.2016 16:30 - 18:30
Within our bodies, there are 12 symmetrical meridians and these meridians are said to have a direct correlation to the organs in our bodies. These organs carry an emotional terrain that can be brought back to balance through the practice of Yin.

Introducing a special Yin yoga series with Jessica Sachson - 5 classes focusing on meridian pairs!
Each class will be 2 hours of practice and a special Yin yoga nidra (guided Shavasana).

Lung and Large Intestine
Stomach and Spleen
Heart and Small Intestine
Kidneys and Urinary Bladder
Liver and Gallbladder

Find out how the work with the meridians is related to certain emotions, with the goal to bring balance with this special series.
Attend all 5 sessions for the price of € 108 or each session € 25.
*Space will be limited to 20 participants


    25 € / Einheit

    108 €

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