Balance Yoga Institut | Workshop: Integral Vinyasa Yoga – Elemental flow with Nina Vukas, 11. – 12. Mai 2019 (Studio City)
Samstag 10:00-12:30+14:00-16:30 / Sonntag 10:00-12:30+14:00-16:30

Integral Vinyasa is a method based on an intention to create safe and healing yoga practice with respect to individual body, mind and soul, using the understanding of traditional yogic concepts, techniques and philosophy as well today's science and different modern techniques that have evolved in the recent past. The method integrates different yoga tools like asana, different connecting vinyasa, pranayama, mantra, mudra, yoga philosophy into a practice and is based on Vinyasa Krama, a system of progressions and preparation to serve the unfolding of our body and mind. It respects our own cycles and moods as well as nature's cycles and moods. The practice depends upon our own state of body/mind, the time of day we practice, the season we practice, the moon phase, our own personal cycles, moods, energy levels, our health. Integral Vinyasa yoga method takes all into consideration to create different sequences that fit our different cycles, and create a practice that is healing and that supports one's own spiritual growth.

Elemental flow sequences are inspired with the knowledge and understanding of five great elements (Pancha mahabhutas) and how we can use that knowledge to create balance in our own body / mind.

Weekend workshops will consist of about half an hour lesson on each element followed by experiencing and embodying the element through the practice. Each practice consists of meditation, pranayama, mudras, different Surya Namaskars and carefully sequenced asanas. Some more advanced asanas will be included in each flow, but modifications and variations will always be given.




Saturday 2,5 hours
Integral Vinyasa Bhumi flow - the lessons of Earth

Saturday 2,5 hours
Integral Vinyasa Jala flow - the lessons of Water

Sunday 2,5 hours
Integral Vinyasa Agni flow - the lessons of Fire

Sunday 2,5 hours
Integral Vinyasa Vayu flow - the lessons of Air

Yoga has been an intricate part of Nina's life journey for the last two decades. She started teaching in 2004. and full time since 2006. when she opened a yoga studio in her hometown Zagreb, Croatia. In 2011. Nina has established Spanda Vinyasa teacher training school and have developed 200 and 300 hour programmes as well as a Prenatal TTC programme.

Today Nina mostly travels and teaches internationally, teaching workshops and yoga retreats and leading 200 and 300-hour teacher training courses in Zagreb and Milan, as well as 200- hour teacher training intensives in Sri Lanka and Portugal.

Nina's teaching is influenced and rooted in different yogic traditions, as well as Buddhist philosophy, ancient science of Ayurveda as well as modern understanding of anatomy and biomechanics. She holds a psychology degree in Integrative BodyOriented and Mindfulness-Centered therapy and uses much of that knowledge in her lectures and teachings as well.


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