Balance Yoga Institut | Masterclass: Healing Yoga Class with Jennie Liljefors, 1 December 2019 (Studio City)
Jennie Liljefors
1 December 2019
2pm - 5pm

This session will be a total body energy detox workshop to help rinse our system from toxins and blockages so we can become more at ease but also more energized. We will also learn how the body is connected so we can understand why we react as we do in traumatic situations.

Born in New York 1970, having lived some time in London, she grew up in Sweden. Jennie came across yoga in 1998, interested primarily in it’s healing potential. Coming from an experience of sexual abuse, thanks to yoga she has found relief from the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), panic attacks, and traumatic body memory. After experiencing the power of healing through yoga for herself, Jennie decided to dedicate her life helping others achieve the same results. Having ample personal and teaching experience in this field, in 2017 she authored a book with the title “Healing yoga”, with her second book on the topic, emphasizing the healing process around and after pregnancy, planned to be released by August 2018.

Jennie opened her first yoga studio “Altromondo” in 2006 back when she lived with her family in Italy. In 2012 she moved back to Sweden and since 2012 she runs her second yoga studio “Altromondo” in the heart of Stockholm. Jennie holds weekly classes and workshops, organizes yoga retreats, and offers teacher trainings. She travels around the country and abroad, teaching and speaking publicly. Jennie follows the Anusara yoga method since 2005  and teaches yin yoga and restorative yoga since 2011.

Having three children of her own, Jennie also teaches yoga for pregnancy and post-natal yoga ever since 2004. Since many years this has become her nish and she has developed a course for preparing the mother for birth with yoga, birth control breathing and mindfullnes as well as mother-baby postnatal courses. She holds teacher trainings in this field witch also include yoga to help infertility.

Since 2013 she teaches yoga online on Jennie is known for her expertise in the field of trauma and healing through yoga, as well as her compassionate, open, and powerful way of teaching yoga and approaching life.