Balance Yoga Institut | Workshop: 108 Sun Salutations with Julie Tran, 8 September 2019 (Studio SHS)
8 September 2019
3 - 5pm

We have received such great feedback that we're offering it again. A 2 hour Yoga Special with Julie Tran doing 108 Sun Salutations. You will flow through 108 rounds of Sun Salutes that will give you the opportunity to dive deeper, learn more about your own patterns and move towards a moving meditation where you can connect even more to the power of your breath.

This special class is designed for an intermediate level.

Rates: for members 5 Euro, regular (non members) 35 Euro

Please register beforehand

Julie has been teaching Yoga for over a decade. Her style is a fusion of intensity and grace. Yoga has guided Julie on many travels around the world yet the journey she most values is the one that has taken her to the deepest layers within herself.  Julie is deeply passionate about helping others discover truth, light and love through Yoga.