Balance Yoga Institut | Special: Deep Sleep with Nuthan Manohar from India, 3 May 2020 (Studio City) EN
Nuthan Manohar
3. Mai 2020
15:30 - 18:30 Uhr

According to Ayurveda, good sleep is a prerequisite for a good life. Based on your body-type your requirement of sleep changes. Certain body-types are more prone to poor quality sleep and various sleep disorders.

Insomnia is said to affect one in three, and yet individuals seek help infrequently. However the impact of workshops on sleep are gaining considerable interest.

In Deep Sleep, you get to learn about the cycles of Sleep.

Learn techniques and simple sleep rituals that will help you have a refreshing, detoxifying sleep. The rituals are personalised and when combined with essential oils, it is bound to help you feel relaxed and ready to drift into a good nights rest.

Nuthan is an MBA, MSc in Yoga, TEDx Speaker on Perfumes. She has over 15 years of expertise in influencing behavior and has designed over 90 modules of Mind Body Interventions.
Her project on Social Impact is a best practice with UNDP. She has taught across Middle East, Asia and Europe and was selected among top yoga therapist in India. She is the Primary Researcher for MBI based on Vedic Wellness, St Teresa's College, Kerala (NAAC A++) with lab facilities at BIONEST (Govt of Kerala). She has upcoming sessions at University of Innsbruck and Indian lnstitue of Management, Bangalore.
She started her career in Brand Consulting and Research for global clients like Kraft (Oreo, Chips, Kraft Cheese etc.) Bausch & Lomb for top notch firms like Ogilvy, Draftfcb etc (2004-2017) across eleven Asia Pacific Countries.
She has worked as a Researcher and Strategist in projects by Ford Foundation, UNDP, Care, Nirbhaya etc in the field of disaster management, trauma, behaviour, empowerment etc.
Her clientele includes Bali Spirit Festival, Miss Kerala, Miss South India, Miss Millennial, Kerala Police, Keral Sports Council, Southern Naval Command, Celebrity Cricket League, Midukki, Times of India, Manorama, Gov of Kerala, Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce (N. Malabar), Tata (Top Management of various verticals), Aster Medcity, Kerala Tourism, Regional Sports Center, Club FM Dubai, PURE YOGA Hong Kong, etc. She provides content for Aham App and Sarva Yoga Studios.
Join Nuthan Manohar, in her transformational sessions, workshops and residential retreats to realign your life with your true potential.