Balance Yoga Institut | BASIC VINYASA WORKSHOP – Your First Steps into Vinyasa Yoga Practice – 21.03.2015
14:30 - 16:30

This Workshop it is helpful to become familiar with basics concepts of yoga-poses and how to apply them into your dynamic asana practice. These concepts are actions to set up the asana-alignment and create self-understanding, which will lead to the foundation for the outer form (postural alignment). We will enhance self-observation and physical confidence. By understanding basics asanas and developing stability, we will build a healthy body, which will allow us to move through a joyful yoga practice.

There are 5 key concepts to put into practice:
1) Integration of Ujjayi-Breath in movement (when, where and how)
2) Mula Bandha: The “root lock”
3) Alignment: The technique of asana-poses
4) Balance: Enhance physical balance during dynamic sequences
5) Joyful practice: Have fun!!

Natalia was born in 1987 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She graduated as a professional dancer at the San Martin Theater of Buenos Aires. In 2010 Natalia has been granted artist from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) for two years to attend the Master Program in Contemporary dance and pedagogy at the HfMDK Frankfurt am Main. She complemented her studies with an intensive training of Yoga, and Buddhism which she integrated in her teaching of dance. Her seeking spirit and self discipline allowed her to find Yoga as her personal physical and spiritual practice. In 2011 she realized the Teacher Training in Balance Yoga Institute.


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