Balance Yoga Institut | Yin Yoga WS with Jessica Sachson – 04.04.2015
14:30 - 16:30

Yin Yoga can be described as a shift in perspective, a new approach to a familiar practice and trying to find your own balance. Typically in this practice, postures are held for 3-5 minutes and longer. The intention is to safely and appropriately stress the connective tissue (fascia) in the body, rather than the muscles and cardiovascular system.

This practice is far more concerned with appropriately stressing specific tissue than it cares how the student individually looks within the pose. Yin Yoga recognizes that each human being is a unique creation and that each of us has the potential to be aligned quite differently in an effort to target the desired area of the body. Each posture puts pressure on many of the physical locations (Meridian pathways), inspiring stuck or stagnant energy to be released. In this practice, there is nothing to give, nothing to achieve, nothing to change or improve - you will simply practice receptivity and surrender.

Jessica studied Yin Yoga in Charlotte, NC with Corina Benner.


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