Balance Yoga Institut | Workshop: The Art of Movement with Bradley Franco, 24 November 2019 (Studio City)
Bradley Franco
24 November 2019
3pm - 5pm

Art of movement:
mobilize, lengthen, strengthen, PLAY!
This workshop will get you to feel your body in ways a bit different than traditional yoga asanas by different types of mobilization, stretching, and movement techniques/drills. Bring an open mind and a happy heart. Nothing is off limits Here! Our main explorations will be strength building movements that lead to arm balances, more advanced standing asanas, and inversion play. This workshop is meant to open pathways for you to learn more about your physical body, while giving your mind the feeling of freedom, confidence, and more knowledge than you came to class with.

"All the knowledge that I have had as a sports teacher and yoga instructor has helped me to define my own structured way of teaching students with an authentic focus on care for each person that I teach. In each class, my focus is specifically tailored to individual self-care and the small accomplishments in the body processes of each person rather than the destination of the pose itself."